Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why isn't there a fee for this service?
A: We do not charge any fees to our clients for hotel site selection services because we are compensated by the hotel you choose on each room they sell to your group. Hotels give us a placement fee, this does not inflate your room rate what so ever. In fact, because we book thousands of rooms per year, at multiple properties, hotels will be competing for your business, benefiting you with the lowest room rates available. It is in the best interest of the hotel to offer great rates to our clients, so we may in turn book their hotel again for other business.
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Q: Will hotels raise their rates to compensate having to pay your commission?
A:  No. The hotel rates that A2Z Meetings & Events receives are at least as competitive as those you might find on your own – with the placement fee already built in. A2Z is able to negotiate these great rates due to the large quantity of business we direct to the hotel industry.

Q: Whom will my company eventually pay for the services we use at our event?
A: You will pay the hotel directly. In fact, once a hotel has been selected and a contract signed, you may correspond and plan directly with the hotel unless you choose to coordinate all activity through A2Z.

Q: Where do you plan your events?
A: We specialize in servicing clients across the United States as well as internationally. We can help you find a hotel or meeting site anywhere in the world. In addition, if you are having a large meeting and would like one of our representatives, prior to booking, to inspect the hotels you are considering we can travel to the meeting location and perform a site inspection in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Q: Why hire a professional meeting planner to find and negotiate your site selection?
A: Regardless of whether your meeting is an intimate board meeting for six advisors, or a multi-day trade show, what you want and expect as your end result is the same.... a successful and well received event. As all professional meeting planners know, the key to a successful event is dependent upon the seamless execution of the details... your details!
If you have experience in the meeting planning industry, you may be quite capable of managing the event yourself.  A little advance research may be all that you need to begin the process.  If you do not have background in meeting and event planning, it may serve you well to hire a professional consultant to lead you on the path to securing the right site with the right terms.  Hiring A2Z Meetings & Events will more than likely save you more on your budget expense than the additional cost of their services.  A professional meeting planner will yield a better site selection along with a better contract, all the while insuring the needs of your event are considered.

Q: Are meeting planners biased when choosing a venue?
A: In most cases, bias should not be a concern.  The meeting professional should have your best interest and needs to consider.  Also, the placement fee is fairly standard within the industry, so the meeting planner's "pay-out" is comparable wherever the meeting is booked.  Considering that most professional meeting planners rely heavily on their reputations and the referrals they acquire, you can be confident they are going to work hard to earn both your business and your respect. Enlisting a planner that is up front and honest about receiving a placement fee is always a good sign. We have over thirty years of experience in the meeting and event planning industry.  We have earned our solid reputation by providing quality services based on an honest and ethical relationship with our clients.  We work hard to gain your trust. If we can’t waive the site selection fee we'll tell you and explain why.

Q: What is an on-site meeting manager?
A: Essentially, an on-site meeting manager is an experienced meeting planning professional who is physically on-location before, during and after a meeting or event to insure a meeting's smooth and seamless execution.  Many times, the on-site manager is an independent contractor who has been hired to serve as an extension of an organization or company.  The manager is responsible for overseeing and managing the explicit details that have been planned by the hiring organization. 

Q: How Did the Concept of On-Site Meeting Management Get Started?
A: There once was a time when companies employed their own in-house meeting staff to plan, organize and manage meetings and events from inception to fruition.  Today, companies are finding it more cost effective to outsource their meetings and event planning needs to independent meeting planners. Hiring a meeting manager has proven to be very cost effective. If the company staff does not have to travel to every meeting destination, the company saves on the loss of productivity having staff continuously out of the office.  

Q: What Services Can An On-Site Meeting Manager Provide?
A: An On-Site Manager can provide a vast number of services including:

Q: How Much Does This Service Cost?
A: The cost associated with hiring an on-site meeting manager is $500 per day plus travel expenses. Discounted staff rates will be negotiated if this service is requested. When considering your budget, it is important to allocate time for the on-site manager to arrive in advance of the meeting's start time to meet with the venue staff and insure the set-up, menu, audio-visual and room set-up has inspected and arranged to the client's specifications.   Consider adding on sufficient time at the end of the meeting as well so that the on-site meeting manager can gather up materials and complete the tasks as described in the contract.