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Accommodations - A reference to guest rooms.
Accountability - Held responsible for the terms in the contract.
Acts of God - Natural disasters.
Addendum - A document or clause added to a contract, usually at the end, to either modify, supplement or change the original contract terms.
Air Wall - A temporary and moveable wall that subdivides a meeting room. Air walls usually slide on tracks in the ceiling and can divide one large room into multiple smaller spaces. Air walls frequently have doors to connect the subdivided rooms.
Airline Accessibility - Cost of air fares are impacted by the number of seats coming into an area as well as the number of carriers. Low cost carriers will increase competitive pricing strategies and make it more affordable.
All Suite - The styles of hotel in which all guest rooms are suites with at least two rooms and a bathroom. The typical arrangement is to have a small sitting room with couch, TV and table, with a separate bedroom and bathroom.
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) - The ADA Standards are designed to make lodging facilities usable by persons with a wide variety of disabilities.
Attrition - A contract clause that guarantees the hotel a minimum amount of revenue regardless of how many rooms are actually reserved by a group. Please see contract clauses.
Audio Visual (A/V) -
  1. The general term for any presentation equipment used in the production of a meeting. Common items include microphones, screens, projectors, flipcharts, amplifiers, hi-speed internet connections, and televisions.
  2. A department within a hotel, conference center or convention center that works closely with the catering and convention services departments to meet the A/V rental needs of customers. This department may be outsourced to a private company or sub-contractor.
Average Daily Rate (ADR) - The average of all room revenue in a hotel on a given day, divided by the number of rooms in the hotel. It is a figure used by hotels to track historical performance and forecast future revenues.


Back Up - Indoor space required in the case of inclement weather. Back up space is usually required to be committed to at least 3hours prior to the function to allow adequate set up time.

Banquets -

  1. The department that services the food and beverage functions and is ultimately responsible for the proper set up and service of your meeting rooms.
  2. Catering events.
Banquet Event Order (BEO) - A document issued by the convention services department outlining the specific services being provided for a meeting on a given day. BEO's should contain the day, date, time of service, name of meeting room, specific food being served, beverage arrangements, room setup, audio/visual supplies, payment information, group contact person and name of catering manager. BEO's are usually distributed to all departments in a hotel and delegate specific duties to each of those departments.
Ballroom - Usually the largest meeting room in a given facility. Ballrooms are carpeted and typically decorated with attractive lighting fixtures and wall coverings. They can range from 1,000 - to over 60,000 square feet and usually have a ceiling height of 12' - 40'.
Bed & Breakfast - A small hotel that offers a room for the night and a morning meal at an inclusive price. Bed & Breakfast's are almost exclusively privately owned and the owner/manager usually lives on-site. B&B's normally do not have more than 20 rooms and are located in residential homes rather than commercial buildings constructed to be a hotel.
Bed Tax - A tax issued by local or city government, which is added to the nightly rate of a hotel room. This tax, also known as occupancy tax, is in addition to any state sales tax and is a mandatory tax. The revenue from these taxes usually supports the tourism or convention bureau of the city or region.
Billing -
  1. It is understand that a master account will need to be established and direct billing is usually requested for large amounts due. Direct billing applications will need to be filled out and approved by the credit manager of the hotel or you may prefer to guarantee the entire amount with a credit card authorization form.
  2. A question to determine who is responsible for payment of guest room, tax and incidentals.
Board Room - Usually a type of meeting room in which a large table is permanently set with chairs all around it, for conference style meetings. Boardrooms are often elaborately decorated and utilize executive style swivel chairs, rather than the typical stackable chair used in most meeting setups. Seating in a boardroom usually ranges from 10 - 20 seats.
Booth - The space assigned to an exhibitor at a trade show. Trade show floors are often subdivided into 8' x 10' booths which exhibitors can buy individually, or combine several to make one very large booth.
Boutique Hotel - A luxury full service hotel that is typically quite small, 20 - 80 rooms. Boutique hotels place a large emphasis on unique and stylish decor and are usually more expensive than their larger mass-marketed competitors.
Boxed Lunch - Pre-prepared lunches packaged in a box or bag for meal events, which do not have a seating area. Boxed lunches typically consist of a sandwich, piece of fruit, soda or water, chips or crackers and a dessert like a cookie.
Boxes - The number, size and weight of cartons shipped to and from the meeting. If you anticipate a large number of boxes, you may want to pre-negotiate discounted shipping and handling fees.
Brand - The parent company or type of hotel chain. Loyal programs may be tied to brand usage, which could be a consideration when conducting site selection.

Break -

  1. The designated time during a meeting when the presenter will stop to allow attendees to stretch, use the restroom, get food, or simply take a break.
  2. A small catering order which will be ready in or near a meeting room.  A break will usually consist of snack type foods, which can be consumed quickly or taken back to the meeting room.
Breakout - Breakout rooms or breakout meetings are meetings that take place in addition to a general session. They usually follow a general session and allow a large group to subdivide into smaller groups and focus on a specific topic or issue. Any meeting can have multiple breakouts taking place simultaneously and attendees may rotate through different breakouts to hear different presentations.

Budget -

  1. A limited services hotel.
  2. The cost associated with all aspects of hosting the meeting.
Buffet - A catering presentation, which places all food and beverage on display for self-service. Buffets typically cost more than a plated meal because the caterer has to provide a greater quantity of each item. 
Business Center - Office equipment and services available at the hotel.
Busses - Multi-passenger vehicles. If busses are being used to transport your attendees we need to be aware to find out clearance heights in the porte-cochere as well as parking constraints.

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Cancellation - Please refer to Group, Individual or Food and Beverage Cancellation.
Chevron - A meeting room setup, which is similar to classroom, except that tables are all angled to face a central focal point.
Classroom - A meeting room setup, also known as schoolroom, in which attendees sit in chairs at rectangular tables and everyone faces the front of the room. Classroom may be set as 2 people per 6-foot table, 3 people per 6-foot table or 3 people per 8-foot table. Tables usually include standard tablecloth.
Commission - A fee paid to a third party travel coordinator for booking business with a travel supplier. Hotels and car rental companies frequently pay a commission calculated as a percentage of booked revenue to companies who help to bring them customers.
Comp - Short for complimentary
Complimentary - Free. Suppliers will often give free service to potential customers or as a reward to repeat customers.
Complimentary Room Ratio - A very frequent concession granted by hotels to groups that allows the group to earn 1 complimentary room for every "x" number of rooms they actually use and pay for. The most common ratios are 1 per 50 and 1 per 40, but the ratio can be any number. In most cases, hotels require that the earned comps be applied to specific reservations, and will not simply grant the value of the earned comps to the master bill.
Concession - A bonus or giveaway granted in a hotel sales contract. Concessions are any item that benefits the group and is outside of the normal operating procedures of the hotel. Examples include an upgrade to a suite for the president of the company holding a meeting; free parking passes for VIP's, staff rates for the planner and many others.
Conference Center - Can be a stand alone business or attached to a hotel. A facility that provides a dedicated environment for events, especially small events. May be certified by the International Association of Conference Centers (Noted from the CIC, APEX Industry Glossary).
Conference Style - A meeting room setup in which all attendees are seated around the perimeter of one large table.
Construction /Remodeling Clause - A clause that guarantees the right of quiet enjoyment while the hotel is doing any renovation to guest room space, meeting rooms or public space. A2Z Meetings & Events will insist on this clause being included in any contracts.
Continental Breakfast - Buffet style breakfast consisting of light food items. Typically there are no hot items in a continental breakfast. Common items include pastries, muffins, bagels, donuts, whole fruit, coffee, juice and milk.
Contract - The document used to guarantee a piece of business between a meeting supplier and their customer. A contract is the written document stating the dates and prices of an event, the number of rooms to be used, concessions granted and the penalties for non-performance or cancellation. For a more detailed discussion of contracts, please visit Contract Clauses.
Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) - An organization tasked with promoting a city or region to tourists and meeting planners. CVB's are usually funded by taxes levied against hotel guests and airport passengers, operated somewhat by local government and may be associated with the Chamber of Commerce.
Convention Center - A very large meeting facility that can host multiple events simultaneously. Convention centers typically are a separate business entity from hotels, although in many cases, a hotel could be constructed to connect to a convention center. Quite often convention centers are owned and/or managed by the city or state government where they are located.
Cut Off Date - The date on which a hotel will release a group room block back to their general inventory.


Damage Waiver - A form signed to ensure that the room is returned in the same condition in which it was delivered.
Destination Analysis - A report to compare the features and benefits of each facility to ensure the best choice for your site selection.
Destination Management Company (DMC) - A company that will handle all ground transportation and group recreation at off site venues. Samples include golf, sailing, attractions, shopping, airport transfers, transfers to a convention center for citywide events.

Diamond Rating - Hotel rating issued by the American Automobile Association (AAA) to indicate the services available and overall quality of a specific hotel. AAA uses a scale of 1 - 5 diamonds.

1 Diamond - Clean, comfortable, budget-oriented. Perfect for brief overnight stays and convenient to interstate.

2 Diamond - Modest enhancements to decor and amenities. Suitable for budget-minded families who want key amenities such as pool, and on-site breakfast.

3 Diamond - Upgraded facilities, amenities, and comfort. Appropriate for travelers who want a full range of amenities as part of destination experience.

4 Diamond - High degree of service, hospitality, and attention to detail. Well-suited to travelers requiring business services, special facilities, and high-quality dining.

5 Diamond - First-class, ultimate in luxury and sophistication, impeccable service. Ideal for travelers who want luxurious surroundings, elegant dining, and a high level of pampering. (Noted from the American Automobile Association)

Double Double - Hotel room containing 2 double beds.
Double Occupancy - The price or rate for accommodating 2 individuals in the same hotel room.
Drayage - A term used to transport and store boxes or equipment on a dray, which is a low cart with removable sides. This is a term commonly used for exhibits and trade shows.

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Early Departure Fees - A charge accessed for unscheduled vacancy of a hotel room.
Easel - A stand for flip charts or signage.
Emergency Procedures - Action plan to best handle unforeseen circumstances.
Exhibit - Display of products or services constructed to fit within the space allowed for a booth.
Exhibit Hall - A large room in which booths and exhibits are set up for trade shows. A true exhibit hall does not normally have the finer architectural elements found in a ballroom and in its raw state looks more like an empty warehouse. It is not uncommon for exhibit halls to have concrete floors without carpeting.
Extra Night Stays - A rate established for early arrivals or late departures to the contracted room block. These rooms should be awarded the group rate and apply to the accumulative group pick up report.


First Option - The right to hold space on a first right of refusal basis until a contract is issued or someone else expresses interest and requests a contract.
Floor Plan -
  1. 1. Diagram showing the layout of rooms in a hotel, conference center or convention center.
  2. 2. Diagram showing the way tables and/or chairs will be arranged in a meeting room for a specific event.
Fly - The practice of hanging presentation items from the ceiling. This can be done with screens, speakers, decorations or signs.
Food & Beverage Cancellation - Cancellation of one or more food and beverage functions that have been held for the group. This type of cancellation means the event will not take place and almost always results in a fee or penalty. You may be able to still reach the stated minimum revenue the supplier expects to gain from the overall catered functions or they may be able to resell your space. Please see contract clauses.
Food & Beverage Minimum - Contract clause stating the minimum revenue a supplier expects to gain from a catered function and the penalties involved if the revenue is not high enough. Please see contract clauses.
Front Screen - A screen and projector combination in which the projector is positioned in front of the screen and reflects an image onto the front side of the screen. Front screen often requires that the projector be positioned in the audience or behind the audience.
Function Space - Another term for meeting space.

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General Session - The main presentation of a meeting. Usually all attendees are invited to attend this session and is used to present a wide variety of general information.
Gratuity - Payment made to a service person or department above and beyond the fees agreed upon in the contract.
Green Lodging - A certification that a lodging facility is awarded based on their efforts to reduce energy and waste that is harmful to sustaining the environment.
Group Cancellation - The complete cancellation of an event that has been previously booked and contracted. This type of cancellation means that no part of the event will take place and almost always results in a fee or penalty. Please see contract clauses.
Group Rate - A negotiated hotel room rate that is offered to the guests, attendees and staff of a particular event. Group rates are usually available until a certain date, called a cut-off date. For more information, please see contract clauses.
Government Rates - The allowable per diem rate for eligible attendees traveling on government business.
Guarantee - The final and most accurate attendance number given to a caterer prior to a meal function. The guarantee will be the minimum number of attendees the caterer prepares food for and charges for. The caterer will usually prepare for 5% over the guarantee.


History - The relationship between the number of rooms blocked and the number of rooms utilized for prior meetings.
Hollow Square - A meeting room setup in which attendees sit in chairs at rectangle tables arranged in a square or rectangle with an opening in the middle.
Hold Harmless - A contract clause to protect the officers of the company from being attached to any wrongdoing of the attendees.
Hospitality -
  1. The industry that the hotel and catering business is a part of.
  2. A gathering area or suite where attendees can go for social networking. Typically, the group hosts adult beverages and snacks.
Hotel - The largest of the various types of overnight accommodations businesses. Hotels usually have 50 to over 2,000 rooms. Hotels also provide a wide variety of services to travelers, meeting attendees and local residents.

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Incentive - Trips or rewards aimed at rewarding individuals, departments, or customers for achieving a predetermined goal.
Independent Meeting Planner - An unbiased planner who will assist in site selection and contract negotiation. A2Z Meetings & Events is an independent meeting planning company that provides these services on a complimentary basis in addition to several other fee-based services.
Individual Cancellation - The cancellation of a specific hotel room reservation. Most group hotel contracts allow for cancellation of an individual reservation up 48 hours prior to the arrival date. Individual cancellation is not related to group cancellation. However, it could create unforeseen attrition.
Inclusive - The total price of goods or services that have all taxes, service charges, delivery fees and gratuities as part of the quote.
Inn - A small lodging facility offering rooms for rent and usually some form of food service. Room rates typically do not include meals.
Insurance - A system of protection against loss.


Jargon - The language used that is unique to this industry.
Kid’s Programs - Organized activities for the younger family members that are offered during meeting or event hours.

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Last Room Sold - Wording that appears often in re-booking and attrition clauses. Please see contract clauses.
LCD Projector - A projector that displays an electronic file from a computer onto a large screen. LCD projectors can take inputs from multiple audio, video and digital sources.
Load Capacity - Maximum amount of weight per square foot a floor can support. This is important in exhibit halls where vendors may want to showcase machinery, vehicles or equipment.
Loading Dock - A building entrance designed to accommodate delivery by trucks. An elevated door allows large trucks to back up and have equipment rolled directly off the truck and onto the building floor. In meeting facilities, it is often desirable to have a loading dock that opens directly into the exhibit space.
Lodge - A hotel which closely orients itself with its natural surroundings, meaning that the architecture, design, colors and theme all reflect the local environment whether that be mountains, dessert, beach, etc.


Meeting Planner Points - A reward system provided by several large hotel companies in which meeting planners or group coordinators can earn points for every reservation or for revenue generated by their groups. Points can usually be redeemed for free nights at other hotels under the same company or brand.
Meeting Room Rental - The fee charged for disproportionate guest room to meeting space requests. This fee is often negotiable based on flexibility in set up, food and beverage purchases or allowance to use the room for catering functions.
Minimum Night Stays - Restriction over a specific period when the hotel will only take room reservations that qualifies for multiple nights of lodging over a high demand date.
  1. A piece of audio/visual equipment used to control the input and output of several audio and video devices at the same time.
  2. An event at an opening reception that encourages people to mingle and get better acquainted with one another.
MPI - Abbreviation for Meeting Professionals International.
Multi-Year Contracts - This is a way to lock in rates for future years with a performance clause. This is particularly recommended in times of a buyer’s market.
Murphy Bed - A full size bed, which is mounted on hinges and can be stored vertically in a wall mounted cabinet. Many hotels use Murphy beds to create rooms, which can easily be converted from large sleeping rooms to small meeting rooms.
Negotiations - The process where the hotel and the meeting planner work through a complete and concise understanding of the needs to produce a successful outcome.

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Occupancy - The number of rooms actually reserved and paid for in a hotel on a given day. Usually indicated by a percentage of the total. Total reserved / Total available = % of occupancy.
Occupancy Tax - A tax issued by local or city government, which is added to the nightly rate of a hotel room. This tax, also known as Bed tax, is in addition to any state sales tax and is a mandatory tax. Quite often, the revenue from these taxes supports the tourism or convention bureau of the city or region.
Office - A meeting room that is used by the staff of an event. Ideally, an office room should not have any air walls and be lockable. Meeting planners often use an office to store boxes and materials prior to the event or to conduct registration.
On-Line Registration - The process of an individual booking their guest room and event space through the group block. It is best when all functions can be booked through one secure site.
On-Site Management - The individual or team responsible for orchestrating the meeting or event at the venue. See Services and FAQ.
  1. An electrical access point mounted on a wall, floor or ceiling.
  2. A revenue generating facility inside a hotel like a restaurant, room service, gift shop, flower shop, salon, spa, casino or other department not directly related to the lodging operations.
Overhead - A visual presentation device that projects images on a transparency up onto a screen.


Performance - A contract clause that guarantees the hotel a minimum amount of revenue regardless of how many rooms are actually reserved by a group. Please see contract clauses.
Permits - Document granting permission to do something.
Pipe & Drape - The references to trade show booths where draped pipes define the separation of space.
Plated - Meal service in which a member of the wait staff serves each guest their meal on a plate.
Porte-cochere - The covered entry at a venue where vehicles are driven. (Porte; gate -Cochere; coach)
Porterage - Pre-arranged baggage service which provides roundtrip handling of bags and suitcases from the vehicle, to the guestroom and back upon checkout. Groups of people arriving all at once, like a motor coach or large van most often use porterage.
Post-Con (Post-Convention) - A meeting with key hotel staff following the completion of a meeting, conference or convention to discuss all aspects of service, billing, logistics and suggestions for the future.
Pre Function - An interior event space that is typically an open area near a ballroom or other meeting space. Foyers, hallways and corridors are often considered pre function areas. These areas are commonly utilized for breaks, signage and registration tables.
Pre-Con (Pre-Convention) - A meeting with key hotel staff before the start of a meeting, conference or convention to discuss all aspects of service and goals. It also allows the event staff to meet and be introduced to the hotel operations staff.

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Quad Occupancy - The price or rate for accommodating 4 individuals in the same hotel room.
Quiet Enjoyment - The right to conduct business without noise disruption from hotel staff, it’s contractors or neighboring groups or individuals.


Rear Screen - A screen and projector combination in which the projector is positioned behind the screen and reflects a reverse image onto the backside of a somewhat translucent screen. Rear screen projection ensures that the projector will not interfere with the audience, but it often requires that a large space be available behind the screen to achieve the correct projection distance.
Rebate - A fixed dollar amount per reservation or room night that is paid to a group, by a supplier in return for gaining their business. Earned rebates are often credited toward the master bill.
Reception - Stand-up social function where beverages and light foods or dry snacks are served. Foods may be presented on small buffet tables or passed by servers (Butler Service). May precede a meal function. (Noted from the Convention Industry Council, APEX Industry Glossary).
  1. The act of making a reservation to attend a meeting, conference or convention and providing payment, name badge information and details on which parts of an event you plan to attend.
  2. The on-site office, desk or table where a meeting attendee checks-in for a program and picks up his or her name badge, materials and schedule.
Renovation - An effort by a hotel, conference or convention center to replace or repair furniture, fixtures, equipment, soft goods or design. Generally, the more recently a hotel has been renovated, the cleaner and fresher it will appear.
Resort - A hotel situated on a larger than average piece of land offering full hotel services inside as well as a wide variety of activities and amenities outside the building. Resort hotels often are located on golf courses, beaches, tennis facilities or lakes. Due to their large size, they are also frequently located away from downtown city centers.
Resort Fee - Mandatory fee added to a room charge that covers several amenities at a resort. Be sure to get a complete list of the value added items and request a comparison of these amenities on an ala-carte basis.
Retreat - A type of meeting that is often small in attendance and focused on achieving a specific goal during the meeting.
REVPAR - Revenue Per Available Room. The average of all room revenue in a hotel on a given day, divided by the number of rooms available for sale (excludes rooms out of service for maintenance, damage, etc).
Request for Proposal (RFP) - RFP's are a common way of obtaining pricing and availability as the planning for a meeting gets underway.
Request for Quote (RFQ) - Same function as an RFP.
Room Block - The number of rooms held out of regular inventory for use by a contracted group. Please see contract clauses.
Room to Space Ratio - Comparison of the total number of sleeping rooms required by a meeting group against the total square footage required for their meeting functions. Hotels make a higher profit on sleeping rooms than they do on meetings, so an event requiring a lot of meeting space with a low relative number of sleeping rooms is often undesirable to a hotel.
Rooming List - Reservation methods in which all guest reservations are collected at one time. Generally one master bill will pay for all of these guest rooms and there is a better feel for the number of rooms required because it is “command performance”.
Run of House (ROH) - This is a designation on a contract that means a guest in the room block could be assigned to any type of room in the hotel upon check-in.

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Sales Kit - A package of information and marketing material, which focuses on a particular hotel. It is intended to sell the location and features of a specific hotel or resort.
Schoolroom - A meeting room setup, also known as classroom, in which attendees sit in chairs at rectangular tables and everyone faces the front of the room. Schoolroom is usually set at 2 people per 6-foot table, 3 people per 6-foot table or 3 people per 8-foot table. Tables usually include standard tablecloth.
Scramble - A type of golf outing in which players compete as a team. Each golfer on the team hits their ball from the same spot. Then, they decide which ball has hit the best and everyone else moves their ball to that position and they move on to the next stroke. This is a great way to arrange a golf outing for players of different skill levels.
Serpentine - Style of table used for catering or display purposes. The shape of a serpentine table is somewhat curved or crescent shaped so that several tables can be arranged end to end to make a wavy effect.
Service Assurance Agreement - A performance agreement where the venue specifies rebates if there are circumstances that do not meet the agreed standards of service.
Service Charge - Percentage added to any item or service price to cover additional fees. Typically, a service charge is distributed to staff as gratuity, but not always. Typical service charges range from 17% - 21%.
  1. The arrangement of furniture in a meeting room. Please see setup.
  2. An attendance number given prior to an event to set a room for. This is usually the same number as the guarantee, but in some instances they may be different.
Setup - The specific arrangement and layout of furniture and equipment in a meeting room. Options are classroom, theater, conference, U-shape, hollow square and chevron.
Shotgun Start - A type of golf outing where all players begin playing at the same time from different holes. This allows a tournament to end at a fairly predictable time.
Simulcast - Recording and instantly broadcasting a live event over a closed network to viewers in another location. This is useful for meetings where not all attendees will fit in one room, or when a planner wants to broadcast the proceedings of an event to a group of people who might not be able to come to the venue where the meeting is being held.
Single Occupancy - The price or rate for accommodating 1 individual in the hotel room.
Site Inspection - Visiting a hotel, conference or convention center for a formal tour and visual inspection of the facility prior to contracting a meeting. It is not uncommon to "site" multiple facilities before making a decision on where to hold an event.
Site Selection - The practice of researching destinations and venues as potential locations for a meeting and then obtaining availability and pricing. Site selection involves careful negotiation, research, site inspections and presenting options to all stakeholders to ensure the correct decision is made.
Slippage - The difference between the number of rooms contracted by a group, and the number of rooms actually utilized.
Spa - A revenue producing outlet that provides personal enrichment services such as massage, hair care, skin care, nail care, dietary assistance and more.
Special Needs - This recognizes any known requirements for items that are not necessary for the majority of the group members.
Square Foot - A space that is 1 foot wide and 1 foot long.
Square Footage - The most common size reference for a meeting room. Please refer to the Meeting Space Calculator to determine the correct size for your event.
Staff Rates - A pre-negotiate room rate for those individuals who are responsible for orchestrating the meeting.
Star Rating - Hotel rating issued by Mobil Travel Guide to indicate the services available and overall quality of a specific hotel. Mobil uses a scale of 1 - 5 stars.

1 Star - A Mobil One-Star Lodging Establishment is a limited service Hotel/Motel that is considered a clean, comfortable and reliable establishment.

2 Star - A Mobil Two-Star Lodging Establishment is a Hotel/Resort that is considered a clean, comfortable and reliable establishment, but also has expanded amenities, such as a full-service Restaurant on the property.

3 Star - A Mobil Three-Star Lodging Establishment is a Hotel/Resort which is well-appointed, with a full-service Restaurant and expanded amenities, such as, but not limited to: fitness center, golf course, tennis courts, 24-hour room service, and optional turndown service.

4 Star - A Mobil Four-Star Lodging Establishment is a Hotel/Resort/Inn, which provides a luxury experience with expanded amenities in a distinctive environment. Services may include, but are not limited to: automatic turndown service, 24 hour room service, and valet parking

5 Star - A Mobil Five-Star Lodging Establishment provides consistently superlative service in an exceptionally distinctive luxury environment with expanded services. Attention to detail is evident throughout the Hotel/Resort/Inn from the bed linens to staff uniforms.

Suite - Combination of rooms in a hotel that create one continuous living space for a guest. Suites can be as simple as a single bedroom with a separate sitting area, or as elaborate as you might imagine with multiple floors, several bedrooms, multiple entrances and dedicated butlers.


Tabletop - An exhibit style that is meant to be on top of a table rather than stand on the floor. The benefit of an exhibit this size is that it is far more portable than a large structure and can usually fit into a single box.
Tax & Service Charge - The mandatory fees associated with lodging and event management.
Team Building - Activities that put individuals together in a low stress environment and force them to use the combined strengths or weaknesses to achieve a goal that has no real impact on their business. Activities are usually supplemented with instructions that analyze the performance of each team and the lessons learned in the activity.
Theater - A meeting room setup in which attendees sit in chairs that have no tables and face the front of the room. Chairs may also be slightly angled as in a chevron arrangement.
Theme Party - An event with special entertainment and/or decor to create a festive and memorable networking opportunity.
Third Party - A company that is neither supplier nor customer, but acts as an intermediary to help in contract negotiations, provide objective consultation and often to plan all the logistics of an event. A2Z Meetings & Events is a third party.
Tower - A common term for a section of a hotel that is several floors taller than the rest of the structure. Hotels with meeting space will often house their meeting space in a building only one or two floors high that spans a wide area, and then house the sleeping rooms in a tower that could be from 5 to 70 floors high.
Trade Show - An exhibition of products and/or services held for members of a common or related industry. Not open to the general public. (Noted from the Convention Industry Council, APEX Industry Glossary).
Transfer - Roundtrip transportation from an airport to a hotel, and then back. Hotels often offer a number of complimentary transfers via limousine or car service to meeting planners as a concession.
Triple Occupancy - The price or rate for accommodating 3 individuals in the same hotel room.

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Union Labor - Laborers bound to a standard of performance in which wages, hours and working conditions are fixed by contract between the labor union and the venue.
Upgrade - To provide a higher quality product at the price of a lower quality product. An example is to pay for a standard hotel room, and upon check-in be placed in a suite at no additional cost.
U-Shape - A meeting room setup in which attendees sit in chairs at rectangle tables arranged in the shape of a U so that there is one open side.


  1. Parking option where you relinquish the keys to your vehicle to a driver.
  2. An attendant who cleans or presses clothes or provides other specific grooming services.
  1. Exhibitors at a trade show.
  2. Agents who sell products or services to the venue or your industry.
VIP Standards - An abbreviation for Very Important Person and the special accommodations a venue provides to acknowledge their stature with your group.


Waitlist - Documentation of individuals desiring accommodations at a hotel once the room block has been filled.
Walk Clause - A performance clause that predetermines the outcome if a guest is not provided a room for which they held a guaranteed reservation.
Wash - The difference between the number of rooms contracted by a group, and the number of rooms actually utilized.
WiFi - Wireless Fidelity. A term that refers to electronic communication devices operating on an 802.11 network and approved by the WiFi Alliance.
Wireless - Electronic communication, especially internet access, which is provided on an 802.11 network eliminating the need for every computer or device using the network to be connected with a physical wire.
Wireless Lavaliere - A microphone that is very small and clips to a speaker’s lapel, shirt or tie and does not require a cord or wire to attach it to its amplifier. This enables a speaker to move about a room freely and have use of his or her hands because there is no microphone to hold.
Working Lunch - Meal service which can be plated or buffet, and is served in the same room where a presentation or meeting has already been taking place. Very often, the presentation will continue while the meal is being served and consumed.


Yield Management - The practice for hotels to maximize room revenue on a nightly basis.
Zone Fares - A special rate for airfare based on predetermined geographic distances.

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